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One of the reasons I write about my experiences and observations on Mother and Father’s attempts at parenting is to give a voice to babies. It’s high time us little ones had our say – goodness knows I need to provide a sensible balance to my parents’ nonsensical ramblings. Just the other day Mother pondered if ‘we’ll wake up one day and she’ll have a full set of teeth?’ Father isn’t much better, he recently said, with tears in his eyes: ‘I swear she just tried to turn the TV over to the football.’ I certainly did not. I was just trying to get hold of the remote control to chew it.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on questions I wish someone would ask me.

What’s the best thing about being a baby?

Many people (Father) presume it’s easy being a baby, that all we do is lie around sleeping or being fed. But a lot more goes into it than that. We have so much growing to do and the expectations upon us are huge – as soon as we’ve mastered one skill, like holding our heads, grown-ups start banging on about what comes next. ‘She’ll be sitting up soon,’ announced Mother excitedly, recently after I managed to turn over. I tried to roll my eyes in response but sadly haven’t yet mastered this particular skill.


But there are some great things about being little and probably the best thing is that everyone is willing to wait on you hand and foot. Need some more milk? Just let out a vigorous scream. Want picking up? Have a good cry. Want your teddy bear passing to you? A few yells should do it. And what I’ve learnt is that the more noise I make, the quicker I get what I want…


And the worst thing?

Oh, where to begin! There are so many annoying things, such as the extremely impertinent commentary on my toilet habits: ‘You should have seen the state of it. Running down her leg.’ The baths (no, Mother, sticking a rubber duck in the water does not ‘make it better.’) The misinterpretation (‘She looks happy,’ said, frequently, when I’m struggling with a bout of wind). But the worst thing, without a doubt, is that no-one seems to understand me. In my head I construct eloquent sentences such as: ‘Who would have thought that there could be so many shades of red and gold and yellow as there are amongst the fallen leaves,’ which Mother hears as: ‘Ah, are you telling me you’ve done a poo, darling?’


Favourite toy?


My good friend and teddy bear RoRo


He won’t thank me for calling him a toy but I would have to say RoRo, my good friend and teddy bear. When Grandma first gave him to me, I thought he was a funny looking fella and refused to entertain him (I turned away from him every time he inveigled his way into my company courtesy of Mother or Father’s heavy handed efforts). But, after a while, he grew on me and we became the best of friends. The thing I like about him is that he’s a great listener and never every interrupts me with an opinion. In fact, he doesn’t say anything at all; Mother could learn a thing or two from his example.


Favourite thing to do?


I can while hours away on my playmat


I can while away whole days lying on my playmat, reaching up for the animals (frustratingly some of which are just out of my reach) and kicking my feet merrily on the keys at the bottom to make a delightful noise (although Father seems to not share my enjoyment of the tunes I make. More than once I have spied him putting ear plugs in when I have been at my most musically creative.) Often too, I fall asleep upon my mat, exhausted by all my efforts to reach the animals. (If I didn’t know better, I would say that Mother puts me on my playmat sometimes for this very purpose. Hmmmmm).


Favourite outfit?

It has to be any of my babygros. Not only are they the very epitome of style, they are also the most comfortable garments you could possibly wear. I feel like I’ve been dressed in a hug. It still amazes me that I don’t see more adults similarly attired; grown-up babygros are the fashion of the future, mark my words.


Favourite television programme?

I would have to say Egg Bird on Baby TV. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on but I love all the bright colours.


And favourite book?


I once found my book shoved down the side of the sofa. I was furious.


I had a musical book that used to play tunes every time I pressed a button. Somehow it got stuck on the loudest setting but all the better to hear it I thought, quite frankly, during the many, many hours I played with it. Sadly, though, I must say ‘had’ as it disappeared recently. It was last seen being put away by Mother….


And, favourite song?

That would be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Except when it’s being caterwauled by Mother. Whoever told her she could sing should be ashamed of themselves.


What makes you laugh?

Playing peek a boo. I cannot help but giggle every time Father disappears then appears from behind a cloth. It is the most hilarious, magical thing I’ve ever seen.


And finally, who do you love and why?

Despite their continuously embarrassing and quite frankly, ridiculous behaviour, I love Mother and Father to the moon – and back. I know that they do everything they can to make me happy and I am so grateful – and one day, I will tell them just that.


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  • What makes you laugh?
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Love, Baby Anon x

4 thoughts on “The Little One Tag

  1. Thankyou for the tag! Mummy will be writing down my answers later once she’s battled over 3 hours to put me to sleep (she will never win!)

    Love, baby Holly xx

  2. Oo how wonderful. Myself and my big brother are big chatter boxes. Almost as much as Mummy and Daddy and it is a constant struggle to get heard! Mum has been prattling on about the damn blog and friggin self hosting poppy crap the last few days but once I get her to chill the hell out, I’ll ask her to type up my answers (I’m not so fast on a keyboard as you seem to be with your playmate. Nice equipment btb) Speak soon.

    Mwah Mwah. Baby Faye (and my brother who is currently not best pleased with these fireworks!)

    1. Ah thanks Baby Faye, will be great to hear all about you and your brother. Sounds like your mummy’s been pretty busy, but not as busy as us little ones I’m sure. It’s not easy being little, what with all the imposed napping and attempted bossing around 😉 Glad you like the kit. I’m currently typing at about one word a minute. Thanks for joining in and hope the fireworks quieten down soon. Baby Anon xx

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